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Last Name First Name Phone Number EMail Agency
AARONS Ingrid C. (203) 899-1400 Children & Families, Dept Of
AARRESTAD Ansel O (860) 424-3349 Energy and Environmental Protection, Dept Of
AARRESTAD Peter J (860) 424-4171 Energy and Environmental Protection, Dept Of
ABADOM Catherine A (860) 713-5476 Administrative Services, Dept Of
ABBATE Cheryl (860) 666-8611 Developmental Services, Dept Of
ABBATEMARCO Jennifer (860) 297-0943 Mental Health & Addiction Services, Dept Of
ABBATIELLO Michael (860) 240-5300 Auditors Of Public Accounts
ABBEY Elizabeth (203) 294-5009 Developmental Services, Dept Of
ABBEY Joan (860) 262-6038 Mental Health & Addiction Services, Dept Of
ABBOTT Armond (860) 627-2158   Correction, Dept Of
ABBOTT Karen M. (860) 424-4038 Energy and Environmental Protection, Dept Of
ABDELGHANY Gina M (860) 713-6157 Consumer Protection, Dept Of
ABDI Mohamoud I. (860) 638-2600 Children & Families, Dept Of
ABDIRAHMAN Muna (860) 418-6721 Mental Health & Addiction Services, Dept Of
ABDISSA Henok (860) 594-2986 Transportation, Dept Of
ABDUL-LATEEF Shaneka N. (860) 496-5700 Children & Families, Dept Of
ABDUL-RAHIM Abdullah (860) 763-7318   Correction, Dept Of
ABDULLAH Henry (860) 627-2100   Correction, Dept Of
ABDULRAHIM Imam (860) 763-7393   Correction, Dept Of
ABELE Brenda (860) 713-5441 Administrative Services, Dept Of
ABELLI Sarah (203) 294-5018 Developmental Services, Dept Of
ABELY David J (860) 848-6500 Emergency Services and Public Protection, Dept Of
ABERASTURIA Ram (860) 263-6572 Labor Dept
ABERY Kris (860) 721-2027 State Library
ABESHOUSE Tracy (203) 294-5148 Developmental Services, Dept Of

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