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General Contact Information

Soldiers', Sailors', And Marines' Fund
864 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford 06114

   ADMINISTRATOR, John D. Monahan      (860) 296-0719
   ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR, Charles R. Berry      (860) 296-0719
   Administrative Services      (860) 296-0719
      925 Housatonic Avenue 06606       
         Information      (203) 551-2761
      21 Grand Street 06106       
         Information      (860) 566-2677
      New Haven       
      746 Chapel Street 06511       
         Information      (203) 789-7841
      307 Main Street 06360       
         Information      (860) 886-8557
      55 West Main Street 06702       
         Information      (203) 805-6350

Additions, deletions or corrections of employee information are done by each individual agency, in most cases by the agency's H.R. unit.

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