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General Contact Information

Motor Vehicles Department
ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES - 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT 06161

   General Information Connecting All Divisions Statewide - (Within Hartford area or outside of Connecticut)      (860) 263-5700
   General Information Connecting All Divisions Statewide - (Elsewhere in Connecticut).      (800) 842-8222
   OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER -Michael Bzdyra, Commissioner       
      Commissioner's Office       
      Deputy Commissioner's Office - Judeen Wrinn       
         Audit Services       
         Facilities Maintenance       
         Mail Room, Print       
      Affirmative Action       
      Corporate and Public Relations       
      Fiscal Services, Revenue Accounting       
         Contracts and Grants       
      Human Resources, Labor Relations and Payroll       
      Information Systems Technologies       
      Planning, Research and Analysis Division and Organizational Development       
      Commercial Vehicle Safety       
      Copy Records and Phone Center       
         Over the Counter Sales       
         Bridgeport Branch Office       
         Cheshire Testing Center       
         Danbury Branch Office       
         Enfield Branch Office       
         Hamden Branch Office       
         New Britain Branch Office       
         Norwalk Branch Office       
         Norwich Branch Office       
         Old Saybrook Branch Office       
         Waterbury Branch Office       
         Wethersfield Branch Office       
      Document Integrity / Central Issuance       
         Public Endorsement Review       
      Driver Services (Medical Review)       
      Specialized Driver Testing & Student       
         Driving Schools and Off-Site Testing       
      Legal Services       
      Administrative Hearings, Adjudications and Per Se       
      Data Access, Records Retention       
      Dealers Licensing       
      Registration Business Processing       
      Data Entry       
      Dealer Processing       
      Insurance Compliance       
      International Registration Plan / Single       
      State Registration       
      Marine Vessel       

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